Back in Malabo. Ish.

I am back in Malabo.  I volunteered to come back.  So here I am. My spouse and kids are in the US.  It’s heartbreaking for me now, and I miss them, but I suspect that we’ll settle into a “new normal” relatively soon. A few observations from the last few months: Full productivity with the… Read More Back in Malabo. Ish.

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Parque Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (Equatorial Guinea National Park)

I can’t believe we made it six months in Malabo without visiting the Equatoguinean National Park.  It’s more like a Central Park or the National Mall than what we would think of as a wildlife preserve, and it’s full of beautiful spots and places for kids to play.  Now, we’re regular visitors.  It’s a great… Read More Parque Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (Equatorial Guinea National Park)

Daily Grind, Malabo

Malabo, Six Months In

This week in Malabo has been ridiculous (-ly awesome). The Embassy hosted our annual Independence Day Reception, then hosted an official nonofficial Community BBQ for all of the AmCits on the island, and also, my spouse started working. Yes. Bertrand started working (not at the Embassy) and upended all of the routines we’ve developed over… Read More Malabo, Six Months In