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On misunderstood directions

Image via Wikipedia Me: I want to go to the airport. Zem: That’ll be 500 francs. Me: What?!? 300 francs. Zem: No problem! 400! Me: 300 or go away. Zem: No. problem! We take off in a vaguely wrong direction. 5 minutes later, I ask him “Are we going in the right direction?” Zem: Of course! Me: The airport’s in the other direction! We have to cross the highway first....


Too many ignames !

Just got back from Savalou. Spent a couple of days eating really good food and saying good-bye to Brook’s post. I’ll try to get the tons of pictures Bertrand took posted both here and on facebook in the next couple of


Yes, I am finished my Peace Corps service.

Indeed. I don’t really have much to say here, except that it’s been a wild ride, and I’d do it again in a second. If any of you ever have the chance, DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. I’ve learned more in two years than I thought possible; certainly I learned more than I managed to teach. The chance to see and do and meet and just ....


Yes, I am engaged.

I apologize for the lack of personal emails, but internet is expensive and if I’m at the cybercafé, usually I’m working. Anyway, it wasn’t terribly romantic, but it got the job done. No, being engaged here isn’t the same as being engaged in the States. Bertrand had no idea how important it was that he actually ask. We’re living together, which, in the eyes of everyone in Benin, means that...



In line at 6am to buy tickets. Huge lines of people shoving and pushing and yelling as the ticket booths opened an hour late. What?!?! Only the expensive tickets can be bought in this line? Canny smile. What if we buy a lot of the cheap ones? Is it possible? Fantastic. WHO WANTS TICKETS! RAISE YOUR MONEY! Great. We want 20 2000 FCFA tickets. Twenty?!?! Yeah. That’s enough, right? Okay,...


COS Conference

Was a drunken orgy that mostly, I slept through. I seem to mark all important trips, conferences, parties, etc. here in Benin with extreme bouts of food poisoning. Other than that, the conference was surprisingly full of good information, good food, and good company.сайта


Back to Benin

With all of my teeth! Crazy! More details in a hot minute.продвижение и раскрутка сайтов бесплатно


Not in Benin!

Actually, I’m in Senegal. Dakar, to be precise. Why this sudden change of capital cities? Turns out, I need to get some wisdom teeth pulled. Turns out, one of ’em’s not growing in straight and causing the rest of my teeth go go all crooked ‘n’ shit. So that’s that. Dakar’s absolutely insane. I’m surrounded by multi-story buildings. There are no zemidjians, only real taxis that are ACTUAL CARS and...


Work harder, not smarter.

Me to security at work as I come in this afternoon: Who’s responsible for turning on and off the generator? Security: I am. Me: Oh, you might want to switch it off then. Power’s back in this neighborhood. Security: Yeah? Me: So you’re gonna switch it, right? Security: No. Me: Why the hell not? Security: Yesterday, SBEE (state power company) came and cut power. They haven’t paid their electricity bill...



The All-Volunteer Conference was nice. I didn’t actually get to enjoy it as much as I’d hoped, mostly because I was running around frantically trying to wrap up last minute details for the GAD Fundraiser. The hotel was nice. The pool was nice. The food was nice. And of course, the alcohol was nice. GAD Fundraiser? Roaring success. Made more than last year, and that’s with the added expenses of...