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Easy Cake Pops

We’ve been slowly settling back into life in America.  Yes, America!  We left Jerusalem and we’re now living in Arlington, VA, where we’ll be for the next several months as I prepare for Malabo.  While not at work, I’ve been amusing myself by ordering my Starbucks coffee in English, and making desserts.  But only easy desserts. Like… Read More Easy Cake Pops

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Palestinian Desserts – Chocolate Covered Dates Stuffed with Pecans

Chocolate covered dates are an easy beginning to my foray into Palestinian desserts.  They’re a special occasion treat, something that I’ve seen mostly in small quantities at iftars or to be sold to tourists at artisan markets.  The dates are delicious and rich, a perfect accompaniment for coffee, but not something to be consumed in large… Read More Palestinian Desserts – Chocolate Covered Dates Stuffed with Pecans

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Making baby food in two hours per week (or less, even as an expat)

I made all of both my daughters’ baby food for stretches of about six months per child.  It sucked at first, but I slowly got into a rhythm that allowed me to make it in large batches.  Look, being a working mother is hard (being a mother is hard, period).  And I can see why folks don’t… Read More Making baby food in two hours per week (or less, even as an expat)

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Seasonal vegetables in DC – Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

What’s the best thing about coming back to the States from West Africa? Vegetable variety. Yes, access to asparagus and swiss chard and fresh broccoli narrowly beats out living close to friends and family.  The quality of fruits and vegetables throughout West Africa is incredible. Everything bursts with flavor—after all, West African varieties haven’t been… Read More Seasonal vegetables in DC – Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

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Egg Scramble

Oh, egg scrambles, how I love you so. Delicious vegetables. Lots of protein. Not lots of calories. It’s a perfect way to start my day (and a perfect way to use up old vegetables before I hit the market on the weekends). The recipe is simple: chop whatever vegetables you like, sautee them, pour eggs… Read More Egg Scramble

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Vegetable skewers

Now that we’re hitting the beach several times a month, I need some good, portable, grillable recipes. Just grill delicious meat and fish you say? Guess what Bertrand and I gave up for Lent. Enter the vegetable skewer. Benin’s got delicious cheese. It’s kind of like ricotta, except that it’s solid, has a tofu-like texture,… Read More Vegetable skewers

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Pumpkin Butter

Everybody and their mother has a recipe for pumpkin butter. I like mine because it’s easy. I can only get fresh pumpkin here in Cotonou, so that’s what I use. For the love of God, don’t roast a whole goddamn pumpkin just for this recipe. Use the canned stuff. Apple cider can be substituted for… Read More Pumpkin Butter