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Arabic is Arabic (or, why I have purple bags under my eyes)

Arabic Training, aka, Theresa has 26(ish) weeks left to achieve basic proficiency in Arabic, and is staying home today to take care of a sick baby and AARRGGHHH!!! Like many things that the State Department does, the language program at FSI is both awesome and horrific at the same time. Awesome, because really, who can… Read More Arabic is Arabic (or, why I have purple bags under my eyes)

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On making baby food

After my last post, I got a few questions (and a few snarky emails) about making my own baby food. Here’s the thing. This works for me. I spend all day Sunday cooking *anyway* (thanks, paleo!). So it’s no big deal for me to steam more vegetables, then puree them before making some paleo mayo.… Read More On making baby food

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I am grateful that, although my toddler still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, I can yell, “WAIT! Don’t eat that! It’s trash!” and she happily stops and throws it away. WHEW. Things she has tried to eat this morning: a silica gel packet, a dried black bean, an empty Larabar wrapper, rose petals, a black… Read More Gratitude