Whoa, things have changed!

Ohhhh yeah. I’m still playing with the delightful Redoable template. Something new, something different. I’ve been minimalist for a while now, so I’m gonna try BOLD and BRIGHT for a little while too, I think. Don’t freak out if the template changes once a week. aracer

Administrativia, Peace Corps

Look, Ma! Archives!

That’s right. I’ve gone and published the archives. Yes, it took two PHP commands. Yes, I should have done it a long time ago. Yes, you should look in the sidebar for the links. Thank my Aunt Lynne for bitchin’ and moanin’ about it (I say that with love)

Administrativia, Peace Corps

New pictures!

More from the end of 2005. There are some gratutitious cute kitten pictures. Consider yourself warned. Xmas in Grand Popo. ICT goes North. Haven’t been posting lately because I’ve been insanely busy. ROAR.topod