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A real quick update on The Theresa Life Plan

Or at least, The Plan for the next several weeks.

I have left my super rewarding and super intense assignment in Malabo, where I spent the last nine months without my family. 

I’m now in Virginia with my spouse and children in our tiny but awesome house in our tiny but awesome neighborhood. I have been organizing like a madwoman, but the reality is that the house is perfectly sized for Bertrand plus two kids, not Bertrand plus two kids plus me.  I am a maximalist and I come with a lot of stuff (like clothes and make-up and a French press and of course, liquor). I don’t mind; organizing has been a good way for me to dial back the intensity of the last year in a controlled way. Bertrand disagrees, but that’s probably because he’s the one who’s had to put all of the Ikea furniture together for me. Heh.

Over the next several weeks I have some leave (whoooo!) and some training (almost all online!) and some travel (nothing foolish, we know COVID still exists!). We’ll be seeing as many people as we possibly can.

Then I head out to my next super rewarding and likely super intense assignment in Islamabad, again without my family.

I’ll be back in VA a couple of times for R&R, and then who knows what’s next, but I’ll be done with my Islamabad assignment in a year.


That’s the plan.

What’s that? The universe is laughing at me?

You don’t say.

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