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In which the future is uncertain, but possibly bright

I returned to the US for a a week for Christmas, and it turns out, also the New Year, and also, I don’t have a fixed return date. The extra time with my family as an unexpected gift (and I am grateful!), but it is still stressful. So that’s how 2021 is starting. Happy New Year.

Updates: I’m trying a new format for SVO.  I read so many interesting articles and my hobbies are keeping me so busy and I kind of wish I could just close down the blog and write a newsletter to my friends each week. But also, I’ve been writing on SVO for 15 (!!) years now, and I’m reluctant to give it up. So. We’ll try this and see how it goes.

Pandemic: The Plague Year is an accounting of what happened in 2020, and perhaps what should have happened. As a nation, we have some reflecting to do (and what better opportunity to do that than the New Year?). This is what 2021 could look like.

Resolutions: I would like to eat healthier, be more creative, connect to more people, and I am absolutely not fucking setting any metrics by which I will judge whether I was successful at the end of the year. Survival is a low bar, it’s true, but “I will lose 20 lbs and blog once a week and walk every day” during a fucking global pandemic is both grim and oblivious, and I am not interested in participating in that dynamic.

Sustenance: I am really excited to make these chocolate marshmallows by David Lebovitz.  Y’all know how I feel about marshmallows and the holidays, and this recipe looks amazing.  (Side note: I just discovered that I have never posted about my annual marshmallow making extravaganza on SVO. Astonishing.)

Shelter: This jacket slash cardigan is my work from home savior right now.  I throw it on + a scarf before video calls, and amazingly, I look like a grown-up on the screen, regardless of whether I’ve spilled coffee on my t-shirt or not that morning.  (Remember, no affiliate links here on SVO!  Just stuff I like.)

Hobbies: This pre-COVID reflection on why hobbies are hard for millennials (and the endless pressure to quantify! monetize!) is good. I grew up in a household where my parents had hobbies and we children were expected to amuse ourselves. As a millennial myself, I still have to resist the temptation to turn my hobbies into income stream.

SPEAKING OF HOBBIES: I am terribly not good at being idle. So in addition to baking up a storm prior to Christmas, I have also learned to embroider. Here are some of the fun projects I’ve done:

In case you were wondering, I do have the patience to stab something a thousand times. So don’t fucking test me.

Just kidding.

I won’t stab you.


1 thought on “In which the future is uncertain, but possibly bright

  1. I love the “let me overthink this” embroidery.

    A 4-H friend said, while we were in college, that college sometimes felt like a let down once we’d won all the trophies in high school. It’s really hard to get it of the competitive lane.

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