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Things I like on and off the Internet #3

OMG y’all.  One of the web apps I use every day for my job stopped working in Chrome over the summer (mysteriously, unsolvably, and only for me).  It is now working in Chrome again.  These days, it’s the small things. 

“Girl boss” can die in a fire.  My male colleagues are not hashtag boy bosses.

Harry Potter is trash.  Which I knew, but now have an excuse not to introduce it to my kids.

Yeah, fuck this noise.  Put me on Team Megxit. And also, fuck white people who don’t listen when black people tell them something is racist.

1 thought on “Things I like on and off the Internet #3

  1. Thank you for the Rowling story; I hadn’t heard it.
    A) thanks for linking to a well-thought-out article with some alternatives, as I was just about to get T started in HP, and
    B) I never thought I’d consider banning HP, along side my conservative cousins… although they ironically banned it from their house for being too tolerant of “non-Christian” lifestyles.

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