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I signed up for the Jerusalem 10k!


I signed up for the Jerusalem 10k this morning before heading out on my c25k jog.  I thought about signing up for the half marathon, but realistically, I am never going to make the time it would take to train for a half.

I’m blogging about it because: 1) I want to hold myself accountable for my training.  2)  I really wish more fat women wrote about fitness-ing.  No, this isn’t going to turn into a fitness or a weight loss blog (but I may do some blogging about being a Fat Runner, as I did with being a Fat Crossfitter).  And 3) I like internet headpats and encouragement.  I am shallow like that.

So there we go.  Jerusalem 10k in March, hopefully a couple of 5ks in the fall once the weather turns more reasonable .

Wish me luck (no seriously, please do, because I am totally and unreasonably freaking out about this right now)!

3 thoughts on “I signed up for the Jerusalem 10k!

  1. You are going to kill it! And what a great way to see your city! I look forward to reading about your running journey.

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