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Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – Starting Starting Strength

Photo of a Fat CrossFitter getting her lift on
Obligatory gym selfie.

I can’t believe I got up early on a Saturday to go lift.

Fucking crazy.

Does anyone remember when I was astounded that I had become the type of person to get up early and run outside?  Well, until my “winter” running gear (warm pants and a rain jacket because I actually only own a trench coat, which is useless for running) arrive next week, I am not that type of person in Jerusalem.  However, instead of losing the habit, I’m getting up and going to the gym at the consular section.

Also, I did not expect to missing lifting AT ALL.

But I do, and my new CrossFit box is not satisfying that itch as well as I’d like.  Plus, I really like the way I feel when I’m thinking about what I’m eating, as opposed to how much I’m eating.  I’m not in a mental place where I can do that when I’m not lifting heavy (i.e. MUST FUEL GAINZ), so I decided to start a strength program.  My research (aka “analysis paralysis”) indicates that it doesn’t matter what program I pick, so much as just putting in the work to do it consistently.  Starting Strength is a linear progression designed for beginners, doesn’t require any equipment I don’t have access to, and, most importantly, doesn’t require huge amounts of thought on my part.

Anyway.  Ran a mile (OMG YOU GUYZ I CAN RUN A MILE WITHOUT STOPPING).  (re)Started Starting Strength.  Benched in the squat rack.  Deadlifted in the squat rack.  Sorry not sorry, no space to do it elsewhere.

While I was on my way out, I ran into one of our GSOs* and mentioned that it’d be great to have a women’s bar to accommodate those with tiny hands like myself.  He said sure**.  Then I went home and ordered some 5 and 2.5 lbs weights off of Amazon so that I can add weight to my bench and OHP in increments of less than 20 (the smallest plates available at the office gym are 10 lbs).  No way on this God’s green earth am I waiting for procurement and GSO to order weights, send them to the Despatch in NJ, ship them by sea, and then and ONLY then be able to use smaller weights when I lift.  It’s a small investment for some hopefully large gains gainz.

I’m feeling pretty good about my progress, and I’m pleased at the positive steps I’m taking to nourish myself, nutritionally, physically, and psychologically by lifting.  It’s been a good start to 2015.

* GSO = General Services Officer, in charge of procurement (for those not familiar w/ State Dept acronyms)

** Anytime anyone’s like, “So, Jerusalem-violence-tension, meh?”  I’m like, “OMG ICASS customer service is SO GREAT I could stay here FOREVAAAAAAARRRRR.”комплексная поисковая раскрутка сайта

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