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Wrapping up 2014, and planning 2015


I have spent the last couple of weeks looking for a good year-long online class to keep me focused on my priorities for 2015. In 2014, I participated in Ali Edward’s One Little Word, and chose “breathe,” instead of making new year’s resolutions and setting goals in January. I focused on stopping to ask myself, “Is this really what I want to be doing?” in a given moment, and I worked very hard to stop worrying about the five-year plan.

It was actually frightening for this neurotic type-A planner to sit back and say, “I am not going to make a plan.” “I am not going to make detailed packing lists for EVERY SINGLE TRIP.” (I cheated on this one. The templates were already drafted from traveling in 2012 and 2013.) “I am not going to make fitness goals.” “I need to stop wishing I could lose some weight.”

Amazingly, my family survived the year (so far). We moved (twice!). We traveled. Somehow, my husband and I got food on the table every night. And, the biggest surprise for me, I am considerably healthier now than I was at the beginning of the year. Not setting goals allowed me to focus on the process. I could just say, “I want to go to the gym because I like going to the gym,” instead of lamenting, “I’ve been going to the gym four times a week for two months and I haven’t lost a pound!” I could say, “We are donating money to {whatever} because it’s the right thing to do,” instead of focusing on how it would affect our long term goals. I could say, “I’m OK with just sitting on the couch and cuddling with my two-year-old while watching TV because family time is more important than, say, hitting my weekly blogging goals.”

2014 shepherded in a lot of big changes for me, and I like them a lot.

Now that I’m a little bit less goal focused, it’s time to sit down and reorient myself. What are the most important things in my life? How am I nourishing the people and habits and talents that I love? What’s the best tool for me to use to make sure that I’m focusing on all of these things throughout the year, and not wasting time on projects and activities that don’t bring joy to my life?

Tools for planning and self-reflection in 2015

I’m going to continue my weekly reviews. I use a combination of Getting Things Done, Bullet Journaling, and my own processes to plan and reflect each week. Every Sunday evening, I sit down and catch up on our family bookkeeping, update my todo lists, send emails and make phone calls, and write out any memories I’m going to want to scrapbook later. It’s been a very effective way to 1) get an hour or two to myself each week and 2) grind through necessary paperwork in a consistent and systematic way.

I’m using the wish list and mind mapping tools in the Passion Planner. The planner itself doesn’t suit my workflow; however, I like the beginning-of-the-year planning process. I also like the idea of determining areas of focus at the beginning of each month, week, and day. I’m going to incorporate this prioritization into my weekly reviews.

I’m going to participate in One Little Word again this year; however, I’m over the scrapbooking part of the class. I’ll just journal in the notebook I carry everywhere with me (planner, bullet journal, weekly review, and TODO list all in one). This class was incredibly helpful last year in terms of creating opportunities for regular and active reflection on the type of person I want to be. I will be using the class similarly this year, although I haven’t yet settled on my word.

I’m going to join the Simple Scrapper community for a couple of months, particularly for the Start Fresh class. I’m suffering from “too much to do” paralysis in my crafting, and need to sit down and focus for a bit. I also need to simply my weekly layouts, and I haven’t come upon the best (and prettiest) way to do that yet. Membership in Simple Scrapper comes with a great exercise for working on crafting priorities, and I’m going to use that to figure out what’s most important to me scrapbooking wise.

When am I going to sit down and do the preparatory work for all of this?

December 26 is a Federal holiday. We are not celebrating much for Christmas this year (we don’t usually anyway), and all I’ve asked for is the morning of 12/26 to take my laptop and my planner and my preprinted thought exercises to a cafe in the Old City so that I can spend the morning figuring out 2015.

And that, my friends and loyal readers, will be that.

I don’t make any money from this blog.  There are no ads and no affiliate links.  I have not been paid to review any of the products listed above.  I like these planning and reflection tools, and I’m comfortable recommending them to my blog readers to help find a bit more happiness in 2015.как раскрутить сайт бесплатно самому

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