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We made it to Jerusalem! Here’s a photo dump of our adventures!

Plane trips were awesome. Jasmine is slowly inheriting my love of books and reading.  Also, a huge  shout out to the amazing recommendation we got from some FS friends to buy her Sammy’s Next Move, by Helen Muffini.  She loved it, and was able to draw all sorts of great parallels between Sammy the Snail’s moves and her own.


Jasmine got to enjoy her two favorite things in the world in the American Museum of Natural History in NYC: Frozen and dinosaurs.  Check out her Elsa dress in the background.  ;)


Somehow, folks over here didn’t get the message about eight suitcases, four carryons, a stroller, two carseats, and a partridge in a pear tree. Never-the-less, Bertrand and our incredibly patient and helpful expeditor were able to pack all of it into the Consulate minivan.


This was on the doorframe of the girls’ room. So sweet.


Jerusalem at sunset.  No filter on that image, amazingly enough.


Bertrand was thrilled to find Tuborg at a mall cafe. Tuborg was his favorite beer in Benin (yes, beating out Castel and La Beninoise), and finding it in Jerusalem made the city feel a little bit more like home for both of us.


We made it!aracer

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