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10 things that Theresa did this week instead of blogging

PACKED THE FUCK OUT. One of the awesome things about having a job that requires me to move around the world, is that the job will actually move me around the world. The movers came, boxed up everything, and took it away.  See you in Jerusalem, worldly goods!

COMFORTED A TODDLER. Jasmine is freaked the fuck out about the disappearance of all her stuff. We’re trying to make it easier on her, but she misses her indoor playground (I DO NOT MISS HAVING A SLIDE IN MY LIVING ROOM).

WAS INATTENTIVE AND MY WALLET WAS STOLEN. It was the least awesome thing ever. Also, terrible timing. However, the credit card companies were superbly helpful in getting the fraudulent charges removed. Now I just have to get a new drivers’ license. Maryland requires you to know your drivers’ license number to order a new license online. IT WAS STOLEN I DID NOT MEMORIZE THE NUMBER.

FINISHED A WORKOUT FIRST. On Monday, I finished a CrossFit workout before anyone else. All that talk about “this isn’t about ego” went out the window for about 30 seconds, and then I remembered that I still can’t do a push-up. Fuck.


WRANGLED WITH L. To be fair, I brought it upon myself. I asked State’s legal department (“L”) about the rules around FSO blogs with affiliate links, sponsored posts, and reviews. L was, of course, very helpful and very clear in their answers. Briefly, in order to earn revenues from the blog, I need to treat it like a business, with all the rules that FSOs have to follow in regards to owning businesses. Fuck that, says the junior officer who doesn’t have tenure yet.

ATTENDING ENDLESS MEETINGS. Actually, my consultations with Consular Affairs (CA) have been absolutely fascinating. I liked ConGen 1) because CA training is hyper-organized and organized people are MY people and 2) I am a data nerd and CA is ALL ABOUT DATA. I won’t know until I’ve been at Post for a while, but I suspect that I am going to LOVE consular work.

ONE ON ONE COACHING AT CROSSFIT. So … I’m leaving. And there’s still some stuff I want to learn.  I’m doing three hours of one-on-ones with one of the coaches at CFSA this week to learn the last couple of Olympic lifts on my DC bucket list. It’s kicking my ass.  Which is the point, I suppose.

BOUGHT SWEATPANTS. I bought the first pair of sweatpants I’ve owned in years (since college? maybe before?). Sometime in the last few weeks, my dire need to NOT BE COLD while running beat out my dislike of unflatteringly thick pants.

TRIED TO UNLOAD A LOT OF BABY GEAR. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to get rid of a carseat and unused formula? We are going to put it outside with a sign that says “free,” but if you need a carseat, some formula, or a exersaucer AND you’re in the DC area, shoot me an email.интернет продвижение реклама сайтов

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    1. Kate, we were able to donate it, along with the other pile of stuff that GoodWill couldn’t take, through a family member. So at least someone is getting use out of it! Looking forward to meeting you when we arrive!

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