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What I’m Reading 11/3/14

Introducing the Awesome Ladies Creative Team

Kristin has put together an amazing group of Awesome Ladies to promote feminist scrapping and the Awesome Ladies Community. I’m honored to be part of it! Basically, this means that instead of just posting about CrossFit, I’ll be posting about CrossFit AND scrapbooking. Win for me, win for you!

What Do You Tell Your Children About The Internet?

But also if somehow something weird happens and you get scared of someone or feel like something is wrong you should always tell me, and I’ll never be mad at you even if you didn’t do 100% “the right thing,” and it’s never too late to say something is making you scared or feel weird, like, there’s not a crucial window that goes by and then if you miss it you can never speak up because it’s your fault now, because you didn’t say anything before.

Watch this little girl name the presidents of 30 countries


The Internet’s First Family

MetaFilter began in 1999 as a sort of humane proto-Reddit. Why did a site for sharing “best of the web” links become a place where strangers help each other in real life in extraordinary ways?

I personally have never engaged with the site in a way like the people in the stories I’ve told here, and I suspect most MeFites haven’t either. But just because you don’t play an active role in an event, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to be important to you. You learn from what other people do; you learn from the site’s culture. The highlights are the exceptional feats of heroism, but anyone who reads the site with any regularity soon learns that the spirit that animates these Great Acts in fact runs all throughout the site, in all the little conversations, all the little exchanges, in the friction and the recovery from the friction, and in how people treat each other and learn to treat each other, even when interacting with people they’ll probably never meet.

This is why the Internet matters. MetaFilter is awesome.

Foreign Service on the Screen

TwoCrabs has a great round-up of FS related media.

This compilation includes films and television shows portraying the Foreign Service, the U.S. State Department, or diplomats in general. Most of the films are about the U.S. Foreign Service, but some also portray the life and work of British, Canadian and other members of the international diplomatic community. Most of the synopsis and movie posters below are from IMDB.com. Each synopsis is followed by a reference. All other synopsis were written by Mr. Crab, along with any notes or reviews. If we missed any titles, please share! So with no further ado, the ultimate compendium of Foreign Service on Screen

Seriously. Read it. You won’t regret it.

Zingy Ginger Dressing

Have you ever eaten in one of those Japanese steakhouses where the chef cooks your meal right at the grill table in front of you, and he tries to entertain you by tossing his cleaver and flicking a shrimp tail into someone’s pocket and building a miniature, steaming volcano out of onion slices, and all you can think about is how to get the waitress to bring you another salad with that amazingly gingery dressing on iceberg lettuce? This is the homemade version of that dressing.


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