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Air & Space Museum – Out with the Sondjos and Carpenters

Family = <3.  My brother and his family drove down to DC this weekend so that we could visit museums together with the kids.  When we arrived at the Air & Space Museum, we were surprised and pleased to discover that there were a ton of special activities going on to celebrate women in flight, and to encourage girls and young women to pursue careers in aviation. Awesome.



Here we all are, building planes with and for our toddlers.


It took a short while to convince Jasmine that it would be fun to build her own plane, but once we did, we had a blast.  I did the majority of the building and piecing the plane together, but she was thrilled to be able to test it!  The plane was pink and purple and covered in glitter.  “A princess plane!” said Jasmine.  And she loved it.


I always forget how terrible the food is at the Air & Space Museum because every other museum in DC has great food.  Our choices were McDonald’s or pizza.  Ugh.  The kids were so worked up, it was hard getting enough food in them without suffering through junk food.  So it goes.  Jasmine ate all of her apples and three bites of her sandwich in return for an ice cream cone.  And then I had to get one for her cousin too.  FINE.  FINE.  Whatever it takes to keep the kids one step ahead of a breakdown while we’re out and about.


Turns out, Grace loves ice cream too.

Visiting a museum with young kids means lots of herding, lots of chasing, and not much actually getting to see the exhibits ourselves.  After we’d seen everything we thought the kids would love (planes, yes, space, yes, history of flight, no), we realized that we were completely and utterly exhausted.

Every time I go out with another family of toddlers, I’m all like, “Yeah!  This’ll be so fun!  The kids are going to love it!”  And they do!  The problem is that I’m also like, “We’re going to be able to show the kids SO MUCH STUFF!”


I gotta remember the “three things” rule that served us so well with Jasmine.  Three things in a day.  And for us, it was 1) Michael and his family visiting, 2) taking the metro, and 3) the museum.  Getting lunch at the food court was actually #4, and we should have known that we were pushing our luck.


We bought umbrellas on our way to the metro to escape the downpour.  Jasmine insisted on carrying her own.  No fools in the Sondjo family–we let her do it.topod.in

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