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Teddy Roosevelt Island

IMG_3372I got up early this morning and went for run with a fellow FS runner (she actually IS a runner, as opposed to my shuffling and whuffling) around Teddy Roosevelt Island this morning. I repeated last week’s mistake and dragged my toddler along, which was fun, but detrimental to our plan to get a good training run in before our 5k in two weeks. So it goes.

Running buddy and toddler

My running buddy was much more patient with my toddler than I was.


The esplanade where the memorial sits was great for stretching and letting Jasmine run around like a maniac (and letting me show off my box jump skillz by jumping up onto one of those benches).

As our time in DC starts to wind down, I’m realizing how many memorials and parks and museums and events I want to see before we depart.  I keep remind myself that if I stay in the Foreign Service, we’ll roll through DC every couple of years for training anyway, but I can’t help but feel that this visit is beginning to slip through my fingers.

Next week, the National Mall!aracer

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