Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – An active family is a happy family

I have never felt so good about myself as I have these last few weeks. I’ve finally started reaping the rewards of changing my lifestyle to a more active one. One of my biggest fears about being a parent is that my daughters will turn out like me. Not in an “OMG NOT FAT ANYTHING BUT FAT” way, but in a “OMG I’m 30 and I’m only now starting to take care of myself” way. Not just fitness, but also taking care of my skin, not eating crap that makes me feel like crap, and practicing emotional self care.

As someone who has been overweight my entire life (no really, I never lost my baby fat) with an accompanying anxiety about my physical appearance, I am not eager to pass this neurosis on to my daughters. It broke my heart when Jasmine hopped on the scale one morning and asked how much she weighed. Of course she didn’t think of the answer as positive or negative (she’s two), but the thought that she might already understand that the number on the scale can affect my happiness destroyed me.

Thinking about how Jasmine will see the changes in me keeps me grounded.

I wasn’t active as a child, and I spend a lot of time thinking about how to communicate to my kids that being active is fun and just as important as reading, music, and intellectual pursuits. It’s not enough for Bertrand and I to develop within them a love of learning and a love for humanity (their minds and their hearts). We also have to focus on a love of their physical selves and a love of physical activity (their bodies).


Jasmine reading a book
Gratuitous picture of Jasmine pursing intellectual pursuits

When the kids outgrow playgrounds, we need to have already established that there are lots of fun and interesting activities outdoors. And that they can do them with us. I (re)started C25K last week because I want something more concrete than “spend 30 minutes on the elliptical” for the nights when I don’t or can’t go to CrossFit, and I want an activity besides walking that I can do with the kids. C25K (“Couch to 5k”) is an 8 week program designed to take zeroes like your Fat CrossFitter heroine to heroes able to run an entire 5k without stopping to walk.

I’ve just signed up for my first race in September, with the intention of running it with one of the kids in the stroller.

Ambitious? Sure.

What what’s life without challenges, right? Especially challenges that I can meet hand-in-hand with my daughters.*

*One of my daughters. Probably Grace. Because she weighs half as much as Jasmine does.topod

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – An active family is a happy family

  1. what a great post and congratulations! I too have just started getting active and I’m 40- so you have 10 years on me! I too have decided we need to get active as a family – one of my main motivations is that I don’t want my son to get totally obsessed with video games. He is already REALLY into them. It should be interesting since we are now in China with its challenging air, but we do have pools! Anyway just wanted to give you some props!

    1. Thank you! One of the reasons I’m starting now instead of later is that I want to build good habits with the kids while they’re young. The toddler’s already really into princess cartoons, and while I wouldn’t say I want to curtail that (the TV can be a useful babysitter while I am, say, trying to get dinner on the table), I definitely want her to know that there’s lots of fun to be had outside too.

  2. First of all – congratulations and I send you all the encouragement I can muster from Muscat! That’s so great. Second – I only recently found your blog and It’s been lovely to read. So, nice to e-meet you :) Third – my favorite, favorite cookbook of all time EVEN if you aren’t a vegetarian is Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian”. Not to be too melodramatic but he completely changed the way I see vegetables (and beans and grains for that matter).

    Anyway, good luck with everything

    1. I love Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything,” and the vegetarian edition’s been on my wish list for a while. I’ve said it many times before, the amazing selection of vegetables here in DC is one of the best parts about spending several months here for training. I’ll definitely pick up a copy of the cookbook before heading out to Jerusalem (another great city for lovers of produce).

  3. I forgot to mention that those cookbooks are on an app now! Kind of awesome for cooking on the go (or out of a welcome kit..) as we are want to do in this lifestyle :).

    Is Jerusalem your next tour? My husband and I were graduate students there and it was one of our most memorable overseas exeriences. Best wishes

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