Diary of a Fat Crossfitter

Diary of a Fat CrossFitter: First time Fran

crossfit_not_drunk_squatsI <3 squats.  And lifting. But not benchmark WODs. No, indeed.  Helen, and Fran, and the rest could take a flying leap off a cliff, and I wouldn’t be upset to read about it in the paper the next day.

Monday night, I was the only person in my class. My box holds several novice classes on Mondays, and since I 1) care about seeing my kids on week nights and 2) don’t care about the World Cup (sacrilege, I know), I attend the 7:30 class. Since everyone else in the world watches the World Cup, I found myself alone w/ a coach.

When you’re by yourself, and your coach is hollering at you during all of Fran, albeit a heavily scaled Fran, and then, instead of letting you stop at the time cap as expected, he tells you to go ahead and fucking finish, well, fuck.  Walking home was difficult.

Needless to say, I am getting my money’s worth out of my membership.seo компании рейтинг

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  1. I just started exercising again this week, after eight weeks off (and of course that baby too). I feel your pain, especially when I’m trying to sit down on the toilet.

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