Perfect hard boiled eggs

brown eggs, hard boiled

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. Perfectly boiled easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs. No matter how new or old your eggs are.

The Internets are fill of lore on how to hard boil your eggs. How to get perfectly yellow yolks, with none of the grey-green of over-boiled eggs. How to get a white that is supple and tasty, instead of rubbery and over cooked. And most importantly, how to boil the eggs in such a way that they’re easy to peel.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally perfected my egg boiling technique. And for those of you who are laughing right now, you obviously don’t prepare two goddamned dozen hard boiled eggs a week. Because if you had to peel two goddamned dozen hard boiled eggs a week, you’d care a hell of a lot more about how easy they were to peel.


Theresa’s perfect hard boiled eggs

1) Bring a large pot of water to boil.

2) Once the water reaches a rolling boil, add your eggs (I use a spagetti do-hickey to do it one at a time).

3) Prep an ice bath in a bowl big enough to hold all of your eggs.

4) Leave eggs in soon-to-be-boiling-again water for 10 minutes. Note that this varies between burners. On the small burner, it takes 12 minutes. On the big burner, it takes 10.

5) Gently drain the eggs using a colander, then plunge the eggs into an ice bath. Once the eggs are cool, store them in the fridge.

Note:  the ice bath is important to stop the eggs’  cooking and prevent grey yolks.  If you don’t care about grey yolks, go ahead and skip that step.

Easy. Peasy.как раскрутить сайт самостоятельно

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