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What’s the ONE thing you always pack in your suitcase when PCSing?



I can’t live without coffee. More precisely, my family doesn’t want to live WITH me, if I can’t have coffee in the mornings. And good coffee is hard to get in a lot of places in the world.

Like a rest stop in London. WTH? How is it that hotels in London only offer Nescafe and other variants of instant coffee in their rooms? THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE COFFEE SERVICE, especially for someone who doesn’t consume milk or sugar. Nescafe + water + nothing else? GROSS GROSS GROSS.

If I’m traveling anywhere outside of the States, I tuck my French press and a coffee grinder into my luggage. And usually some beans (especially if I’m PCSing). R&R to Bertrand’s parents’ place in Northern Benin? YES. Reststop in London? I WILL NEVER FORGET AGAIN. PCSing back to the States? OH HELL YES. I’m looking at YOU, broken Oakwood coffee maker.

Because there is nothing worse than waking up in a new bed in a new country to a new job, and not having any goddamned coffee.

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1 thought on “What’s the ONE thing you always pack in your suitcase when PCSing?

  1. Did my husband have any input into this, because it sounds quite a bit like him. He too travels with his espresso maker and beans. And it must be thick as mud style espresso. Mr. Picky. As a tea drinker, but not an addict, it is amusing. Luckily I am a quintessential morning person on top of it, which helps me a lot but definitely not him until he has had his full cup of jumpstart caffeine.
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