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FS Blog Rejuvenation Round-up, Week #3

Everywhere in the world, Foreign Service Officers and their families love to kvetch about their housing.  It’s too small.  It’s too big.  It’s configured in a weird way.  There aren’t any toilet paper holders in the bathrooms.  The kitchen is too hot.  The floors are too cold.  But somehow, in our own quiet way, each of us turns our similarly furnished houses into beautiful, cozy, and friendly homes for our families.

If you’re anything like us, then a house really starts to feel like home once your toddler’s dropped Cheerios between all of the cushions in the couch, and your baby’s puked on the carpet a time or two.  Other, more organized families actually make an effort, as you can see in this round-up.

Our Mobile Home writes beautifully about how having a child has forced her to get to know her city better, because children have needs, and it’s her job to provide for them.

Sarah shares a lovely perspective on the local, Serbian, food in Belgrade.

Sara shares the magnet collection that she brings with her in her suitcase.  Like for many of us with children, no house of hers can be a home without a decorated fridge.

And finally, Chelsea Fischer writes about why she’s loving Brazil right now (including the arrival of her car!).раскрутка

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