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FS Blog Rejuvenation Round-up, Week #2

No matter where you are in the world, you and your family gotta eat.  Much like housing, GSO (har har har), and the weather, the local food is something that we all like to complain about, but in most places, eventually come to love.  I have fond memories of learning to eat “snot sauce,” or krin krin, and getting over my fear of food poisoning in Benin.

This week, FS Bloggers shared their frustrations and loves about food at Post, as well as some of their favorite dishes:

Sadie writes about the joys of cooking in Kampala, where there aren’t four discreet seasons.

Kelly shares what she loves and hates about food in Vienna.

Sara found some time amid packing out to tell us about delicious turon from the Philippines.

Chelsea shared a recipe for easy to make lemon bars in Brasilia, even before your personal arrive at Post.

Our Mobile Home wrote about the amazing fresh produce available in Protugal.

Allison also write about Filipino food, highlighting the amazing fresh produce (do you sense a theme here)?

Ania share some beautiful photos of a Danish fishing town.

Sarah writes about Serbian food, again highlighting the availability of inexpensive and delicious produce.

I share a recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus, since asparagus is in season in DC.

And finally, JDC talks about Nigerian food, specifically, Efo Riro.  In Benin, there were as many varieties of “mysterious green vegetable sauce” as there were tantis.  We called it sauce legume, and it’s something I miss dearly.продвижение

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