FS Blog Rejuvenation Round-Up, Week #1

As promised, here’s the round-up of all of the wonderful Foreign Service Bloggers participating in our Spring Rejuvenation. It’s been a real privilege to see how everyone’s managing to stay busy and happy around the world (or in DC). Be sure to check out each post!

Nomads by Nature wrote about taking walks with her beautiful (and somewhat uncooperative) dogs in Ankara.

Deb, in Tiblisi, shared a beautiful photograph of her daughter that makes her happy.

Sara has written about how she stays happy in Manilla, and getting a mani-pedi (something sweet for herself).

I wrote about getting back to the gym (and loving it!), while back in DC for long term training, and shared a beautiful picture of my daughter as a newborn.

Ania shared a gorgeous photo of tulips in her careen in Copenhagen.  It’s the simple things that often make us the happiest.

Kate updated us on her family’s adventures and her car-slash-grocery-car accident.  Luckily, no permanent damage!

Kelly wrote a beautiful post on embracing this crazy life and some of the travel she’s done as a result of that.

Sadie’s got a great list of strategies for staying happy at Post, including a few time saving strategies, like my favorite, the Sunday cook-up.

Roaen shared several pictures of herself and her family that make her happy, even if she *is* still in DC.

TulipGirl shared some wonderful photos of her child playing with fairies, or at least, enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

And finally, Lauren talks about the small things that helped keep her happy in Dhaka.продвижение

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