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On photos of Grace and memories of her as a newborn

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I pulled out the photos we got at our family photo session last year for a scrapbooking project, and man, there must have been a lot of dust in the air, because my eyes watered up right away. We missed the chance to get newborn photos of Grace taken in the hospital, due to a communication issue between the me and the staff pediatrician that weekend.  Jasmine’s hospital photos had turned out so well, I was heartbroken not to do the same with Grace.  I found Jamie Brys, a fantastic photographer who is also part of the Foreign Service “family,” through a Facebook group.

This photo was completely unplanned.  I was holding Grace between costume changes (yes, really), and Jamie told me to just hold still for a second.  I protested, as I was still wearing my nursing tank under my sweater, and looked rumpled and frumpy.  She reassured me that only a limited part of my body would be in the picture, but that I would love the picture of my hands against Grace’s body when she was done.

Six months later, Grace is, as the folks at the daycare say, “a big personality.”  She is a joyful, gurgling, curious baby, and no longer a quietly intense newborn. I don’t miss those early days, as each day gets better and better, but I do wish I’d been more cognizant of the fact that I’ll never get them back.  Jamie was, of course, absolutely right about the photo.сайт

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