On the gym being something wonderful I do for myself

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  1. Sara says:


    I started exercising for really the first time in my adult life last year in advance of the big 30. For the first month or so I really had to set goals and force myself to go in order to make in a habit. Once it became a habit, I found that I actually wanted to hit the gym after work, which still amazes me to this day (who is this person?). But, more importantly, I stopped feeling guilty about missing days. Some weeks I might be super motivated and work out 5 times; some weeks I might be really busy and only work out once or twice. Those are both okay; it’s not an all or nothing proposition. This attitude is totally contrary to my list-making, goal-setting, life-planning personality, but for some reason it totally works for me when it comes to exercise. Anything is better than nothing.

    Bonne continuation!

  2. Roaen says:

    yes… i get this. I don’t when I got myself used to this mindset of, oh yes, I can do that too. and that. and that… I’m looking to minimize priorities, but it’s so hard. maybe after pack-out?
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