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Spring Foreign Service Blog Rejuvenation


One thing my short time in the Foreign Service has taught me is to take advantage of the resources I have. There is an amazing community of Foreign Service bloggers out there, and when I realized that I needed some motivation and community to help me revitalize my own blog, I reached out to my fellow FS bloggers. They felt the same way about their blogs, and this rejuvenation was born.

Each Sunday evening, for six weeks, I’ll post three prompts (an introspective prompt, an activity prompt, and a photo prompt) to get us thinking about what we love about Post and this crazy FS life. Use any or none of them, then comment on that week’s post or in the FB group to let us know you’ve posted. The following Tuesday (that is, nine days later), I’ll post a round-up so that we can see what amazing things our fellow Foreign Service families are living and experiencing around the world.

This week’s prompts are warm-up prompts to get us thinking about why we blog, who our audience is, and what we want out of ourselves and our blogs. Sit down with a glass of wine and start thinking.  If you’re not comfortable sharing, that’s OK.  The “official” prompts will go up on Sunday.

Blog Rejuvenation Warm-up Prompts

Prompt 1: Why do you blog? Who is your audience? What are you doing really well? What could you do better?

Prompt 2: Make a positive change in your blogging routine and tell us about it.

Prompt 3: Self-portrait! Who doesn’t love selfies? Take a picture of yourself (or have someone take it). What do you LOVE about yourself and your life right now?

The warm-up round-up will go up on Tuesday, 5/13, so be sure to comment here or on FB if you’d like to share. seo сайты

6 thoughts on “Spring Foreign Service Blog Rejuvenation

  1. Thanks for doing this and inspiring us all! And where is that photo from the top of your blog page? It’s beautiful!

    1. Lynne, I’m glad you’re participating! It’s a lot easier to stay on top of blogging when we’re motivating each other. The photo from Sierra Leone, on the road from Freetown to the beach.

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