Good-bye, Seattle

Last day in Seattle. It feels like it should have been a whirlwind trip, but getting two extra days here really made a difference in how relaxed we are. Case in point, I am at a cafe this morning, drinking a delicious latte and typing this blog post.

I have been surprised at what an amazing city Seattle is for kids. Last night, we said good-bye to Liz and Mike by visiting the Fremont Brewery. The Brewery is explicitly kid friendly, so much so that they have a box of toys on the bar floor for toddlers to get into. It was great (and nobody looked at me weird when I popped out the nipple to nurse Grace when she got a bit peckish).

Also awesome, the Pacific Science Center, which was not only full of fun exhibits for kids, but also had a space for toddlers to run around and play with toys (and for mothers to nurse!).

seattle_pscWe also visited the Woodland Park Zoo, which was great. It was a weekday morning, which meant that the few folks who were there were other parents of toddlers. Jasmine LOVES animals, but the best picture of the day was Jasmine falling asleep on the way home. Who needs a double stroller, anyway?



The Space Needle was cool, although Bertrand and Jasmine weren’t nearly as impressed as I was. Grace, of course, didn’t care. She’s happy anywhere she’s warm and surrounded by people.  It was a beautiful day, though. The snow melted completely, and we were among the first to climb the tower in the morning.

seattle_needleWe made it a really full day by visiting Matt’s in the Market, which could have been a disaster with Jasmine (they were clearly not set up for toddlers), but wasn’t. The wait staff was super friendly to her, and very understanding with our odd requests in regards to her food. Again, clot me impressed with how great Seattle is with kids. A similar restaurant in DC would have given us the side-eye (and DC is a kid friendly city!), but folks here didn’t blink an eye.

That afternoon, we went on the Great Wheel. It was a blast! Great views and what a gorgeous day. State has turned me into a logistics nerd, and I couldn’t resist the chance to snap a great shot of the container port. Man. It was great!



And no trip summary would be complete without mention of our fabulous apartment.



Living in a residential neighborhood with a kitchen and laundry machine has been amazing. The price was comparable to a decent (but not luxury) hotel, but we didn’t have to eat out every meal, and we could pack lighter. Jasmine had her own room (not that she used it), and it’s been AMAZING having a place nice enough that we could invite friends over for drinks. We will definitely use VRBO again on our next trip.

So that’s it. We fly out bright and early tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to get home. Seattle’s been great, but it’ll be so nice to finally be in our own place in Crystal City again.

1 thought on “Good-bye, Seattle

  1. I loved reading your post on the family’s trip to Seattle…and, as dad to two, laughed at the reference to your daughter NOT sleeping in her own, sweet room so you guys could have some of your own time. It’s not just us? :) My wife and I set up our beer garden to welcome all…even if you have little ones who get hungry and like to walk around and mess with stuff.

    I’m glad you got see some of the best our city has to offer and that’s a tall order coming from DC, which is an amazing city. We pride ourselves on good living and a love and let live mind set…now, we just have to get the rest of the country to see that we can really all get along if we just relax and realize that we are all trying to be good people even if we look different, do or don’t go to church, marry same sex partners, carry a gun or don’t, etc…

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words about our brewery.

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