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In which the Sondjos arrive in Seattle

It’s good to be home. Even better to be on the road again. We Sondjos are spending the week in Seattle saying hi to friends long lost, and beginning our quest to get to know the rest of America. Home Leave is a cash sink, and we figure that as long as we’re burning money, we might as well do it in interesting places we wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to visit.

After an adventure with rescheduled flights, we finally made it here, and we’ve been living it up, PNW-style (that means in fleeces and boots, apparently). Yesterday, we met up with a dear friend from my days in Benin, and explored Fremont.


Here’s Jasmine with the Fremont Troll, as she realizes that it’s a face, not just a rock formation.


This morning, we got up bright and early to head to Pike Place Market! Bertrand bought a pound of dates (best paleo snack EVER). They were rich and creamy and sweet and delicious.


After browsing the artisanal goods at the market, we headed down to the waterfront to eat. We were exhausted, and didn’t really feel like sitting down to fine dining with the kids, so we headed to Ivar’s Fish Bar. It was a great choice. Informal. Delicious. And lots of opportunities for Jasmine to feed birds.


Jasmine had a great time watching fish, touching fish, running around like a maniac, and generally having a very good time at the Seattle Aquarium.


Our last stop of the day was Starbucks to visit one of my postmates from Peace Corps. It’s amazing how much some things change, and others stay the same. After she woke up from her nap, Jasmine begged us for milk, and here she is, finally satisfied. That was the end of grown-up conversation, and pretty much the end of our first whole day out in Seattle.

You might be asking yourself why there aren’t any photos of Grace. Since we don’t (yet) have a double stroller, I spent the day baby wearing. Since I also wield the camera, Grace wasn’t in a lot of shots. I’ll fix that for tomorrow. ;) topodin.com

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