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The conundrum of digital humanitarianism: when the crowd does harm

To some of you this may look like heartbreaking (and it is in fact) and you may think that it is very nice for people to share this story so that maybe someone will help this family. The problem that I have with this is that whoever re-posted this did not knew that he was basically saying to whoever has bad intention: “Hey, here there is a young woman with two little kids, and two wounded people with her. Here is her location, and she is scared and alone, with no means to get for help”. This is more or less like to tweet that you have a million dollars in your house and that you are gonna go out for a drink and leave the door open.

Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes

Costumes run he gait from hilarious to ironic to absolutely gorgeous. Check out the costume for Miss USA, and decide for yourself (I fall on the side of awesome + ironic, but I also think that the Kardishans are brilliant performance artists, so YMMV).

The Night of the Doctor

новые методы продвижения сайта

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