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I’m enjoying the hell out of my maternity leave, but my toddler means that I’m not able to get nearly as much done while the baby is sleeping as I could the first time around.

So much for my great blogging, scrapbooking, novel writing, cooking, and relaxing intentions.

For example, I just yelled at Jasmine to get her goddamned TOE out of the baby’s goddamned MOUTH. I mean, Bertrand and I are pretty casual about germs, but bare feet? That’s pretty gross. Not as gross as the fact that Jasmine was chewing on the feet of her tights yesterday at my brother’s wedding (like how I casually dropped that bomb in here?), but still, pretty gross.

To all of my childless friends who KEEP ASKING whether having kids was worth it. Yes. YES. A MILLION TIMES YES. I just have to keep reminding myself that the moments of frustration will make absolutely riotous stories at family gatherings when my girls are adults.

Speaking of great stories, yesterday, I got to hang out with family that I hadn’t seen in over a decade. And it was amazing. And not seeing everyone grow up and have kids and being able to meet their spouses is one of the saddest things about spending my life abroad. And now that I also have kids, I am sad that they won’t be able to grow up playing with their cousins (and cousins once and twice removed). I can’t wait to spend ten months reacclimating to the States when we come back for Arabic training, and I’m even more excited about the opportunity to reconnect with my family.

tl;dr: too tired to be coherent, kids are awesome, family is awesome, and my brother is MARRIED (!!!!!).поисковая оптимизация сайта поисковики

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