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On new homes and the arrival of our STUFF!

As GSO, I recognize the importance of eating my own dogfood. If I’m going to deny a privilege to the rest of the community, it’s important that I deny it to myself as well. That said, it was awful hard to ignore the niggling voice (aka Bertrand) whispering that it wouldn’t hurt anyone if we got our stuff out of the warehouse.

Ladies and gentlemen, the location and storage of our household goods is no longer a source of tension in my marriage.

Four months into my first tour, and we’re finally in permanent housing! Which means … DUN DUN DUN … we finally had our HHE delivered. After four months, my Pollyanna enthusiasm was starting to wear off, and the reality of being in charge of logistics in a place like Freetown was setting in. However, now that I have unlimited Coke Zero, all of my crafting supplies, and my favorite brand of laundry detergent, I think I can handle another 20 months of Freetown.


As we unpack, we’re asking ourselves questions like: “Why did we bring 5kg of hot pepper, but no dishrack?” “Why did we decide not to buy a DVD player again?” “How did the GSO let the landlord get away with not installing towel racks and toilet paper holders in the bathrooms?” Oh wait …

Needless to say, we’re enjoying settling in to our new home.раскрутить сайт

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