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Freetown bound. No wait, we’re already here.

We have indeed arrived in Freetown. I have walked 10k+ steps every work day since I’ve arrived. I’ve also lost five pounds, which is pretty incredible considering that I eat DELICIOUS CARBS AND OIL for lunch every day. And dinner. And snacks. Mmmmmm.


Our kitchen is awesome. We can actually fit all of our tupperware and dry foodstuffs and dishes and pots and pans INSIDE the cabinets for the first time since Bertrand and I started dating.


Pretty magical.

So. Food. Fitness. Family. Foreign Service. I’m not going to announce any plans on here, because, as loyal readers know, I’m not actually capable of commiting to anything whatsoever in my personal life. It’s so strange that I’m so good at project management in the professional sphere, but so bad at it at home. To this day, I wake up surprised not that Bertrand and Jasmine are in my life, but that I actually managed to commit to marriage and parenthood.

Foreign servicewise, I am livin’ the dream.

Familywise, Jasmine is the cutest cute cute that ever did cute. Bertrand is as solid as a rock. And we are damn happy to be back in the West African heat.

Fitnesswise, I’m no longer training for a half marathon. Not that I ever was. Next week, I’m going to get into the office even earlier so that I can leave on time. I don’t mind not being home when Bertrand and Jasmine are sleeping, but every moment I stay late in the evening is a moment with my daughter that I’m going to regret not having when she’s older.

So no gym. We’re back to workout DVDs, my friends. 30-day shred, here I come.

Foodwise, I’m going to be ordering a lot off of Amazon (and drugstore.com <3 <3 <3), and making a lot from scratch. And eating a lot of fruit.раскрутка

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