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We made it to Freetown!

The trip to Freetown was not as difficult and harrowing as expected. On all three legs of the trip (DC -> Brussels, Brussels -> Lungi Airport, Lungi Airport -> Freetown), people were incredibly understanding and helpful about the baby. As someone whose friends are largely child-free by choice at this point in my life, it’s easy to forget that most of the world are parents. And parents understand how frustrating it can be to travel with a newborn.

_DSC0317Our “temporary” apartment is gorgeous. Temporary is in quotes because, um, I’m the GSO, and I know exactly how long it’s going to take me to get moved into my permanent housing.

_DSC0324In any case, our apartment is more than big enough for the three of us. The kitchen is enormous, we have a balcony with an incredible view, and hey! The air conditioning doesn’t blow the fuse for the entire apartment like our place in Cotonou did. Actually, this place is a lot like our Cotonou apartment, except that every thing works, and when it doesn’t, we can call someone to get it fixed.

Life with the State Department is sweet like that.

Work is busy. Very busy. That was expected. I knew that I’d be expected to hit the ground running as a fully functional GSO on the first day, but I really didn’t understand what that meant until I was deep in the weeds of installing fuel meters! and signing leases! and writing cables! and! and! and! and!

Yeah. I signed a lease in the name of the US Government today. That was awesome.

Bertrand bought fresh fish straight off the boat for our housekeeper (housekeeper! more awesome!) to cook yesterday, and today we have enough baked and fried fish to sink a battleship. I think he missed cheap and convenient access to fresh fish.

tl;dr We’re having fun.оптимизация продвижение сайтов

5 thoughts on “We made it to Freetown!

  1. I love the view from your apartment. I don’t know if I’d give up that view for another place :-). I doubt my view of Ottawa will be as nice (although I’m planning to move into a high-rise downtown).

    1. Wellll, we might not have a choice. On the other hand, we might end up spending two years here, which is why I’m going to go buy planters next weekend. I’m going to plant an herb garden!

  2. How di bodi? Welcome to Freetown. That’s my neck of the woods, although I’m in exile in the UK at the moment. Hope you and Bertrand have a good time (We are very friendly people in Salone). Yes, I know that view and you are only 10 mins away from the beach anyway (without the traffic..)

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