WIAW: sleep deprivation edition

Yesterday was rough. Fun, but rough. Also, avoiding everything on the list of stuff Jasmine may or may not be sensative to has been less than fun.

Lucky for everyone, I am pretty damn creative.

Turkey sausage and sweet potato

For breakfast, I crumbled turkey sausage on top of half of a leftover sweet potato, then drizzled delicious fake maple syrup over it.


Lunch was ham, fake mashed potatoes made w/ olive oil and water instead of butter and milk, and a vegetable medley.


Dinner was a ginormous salad. Not pictured: gross Wolfgang Puck canned soup that I also ate because I was starving.

Also not pictured: honey graham sticks that I noshed on throughout the day. Turns out, I am too damn lazy to take pictures of snacks.

After today’s trip to DC was canceled, Bertrand and I made some decisions about Jasmine’s (read: my) diet. It’s time to start adding potential allergens back in, so that we can figure out what it is that’s actually bothering her digestive system.

Before bed, I downed a glass of milk and a handful of cheddar cheese cubes. So far, no problems! Hurray! Dairy, I missed you so much!раскрутка

6 thoughts on “WIAW: sleep deprivation edition

  1. Visiting from wiaw… so sorry to hear about the baby elimination diet! I had a really fussy baby and tried eliminating dairy and wheat for several weeks… not fun! For whatever reason, things drastically improved at 3 mos so I don’t think it was food related. Hope you can pinpoint what’s going on, and get some sleep! :)
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  2. Thanks, guys! The baby’s *only* fussy when she has gas (I know, we’re so lucky!), and the gas cleared right up when I cleaned up my diet. :-P Unfortunately, I spoke too soon about dairy. It’s been a fussy fussy evening.

  3. Found you through WIAW because your blog name. I’m a new momma to and working on an elimination diet and struggling with what to eat. I’m really hoping things magically change around 3 months because I miss eating yummy food!! Hope you find the cause.

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