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Happy one week birthday, Jasmine!

Bertrand and Jasmine

Jasmine’s a week old today! After a rough start, she’s now thriving.

Briefly, after a week of irregular, painful contractions that weren’t bringing me any closer to active labor, I asked my doctor if we could induce. Once the pitocin was introduced, my doctor discovered complications that meant that a vaginal birth would be very bad for the baby, and WAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM, an hour later, the cesarean was done, and Jasmine was born.

I’ve made jokes on Facebook about having Grandma down the hall, but moving in with my parents for my maternity leave is the best thing that Bertrand and I could have done for ourselves. Sure, it means that we have to actually get dressed, shower, and keep up with housework, all struggles for parents of newborns, but it also means that Mom and Dad (now Grandma and Grandpa!) are around as resources, babysitters, and shoulders to cry on.

So what now?

1) I’m back to blogging. There are 11 days to Christmas, and I’m going to blog every single one of them.

2) This isn’t going to become a Mommy Blog. Sorry. Baby-J is certainly the cutest baby in the WHOLE WORLD, but she deserves her privacy just as much as anyone else.

3) Food and health are back on the (writing) table! My doctor put me on a (non calorie restricted) low sodium (thanks, postpartum and post-operation swelling), high fiber (thanks, post-operation digestive … issues), high protein (postpartum weight control), diet.

I’m exhausted. Bertrad’s exhausted. Jasmine’s the sweetest cutest thing on the planet.

We’re happy as can be.раскрутка сайта

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