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I <3 consumerism and Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, consumerism. YOU WON, GODDAMMIT. All these months of railing against Americans and their STUFF and how I WOULD NOT EVER become like THOSE PEOPLE, and what’s the first thing I did on Thanksgiving morning?

Hopped online to order the last of the electronics we’re taking to Freetown with us.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I’m taking Bertrand out for Black Friday tonight at midnight. I know, I know, I know. Real people have to work, and they’re rightfully unhappy about it. This is his first Thanksgiving in America, and what is a celebration of all that we are grateful for without an orgy of consumerism at the end?

Our midnight expedition is actually the reason I ordered so many things this morning. With the stress of not having to worry about the TV (yeah, we don’t own one), or a camera (yeah, the baby’s coming), or UPSs (do they even sell those at Target?), or my myriad other purchases, we can sit back and enjoy the trip.

We don’t have to stress about getting the last $item before $item sells out. We don’t have to push and pull to get in line before $deadline and prices go up for $doorbuster. We can people watch, pick up a few small things for the kitchen and bathrooms, and relax.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Tomorrow is the start of the Christmas season, and I can’t wait to turn on the holiday music!aracer.mobi

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