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Accomplish one task per day.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been creating life for 36 weeks now. Oh, I’m sorry, does the reference to “creating life” sound smug? That’s because it is! Smugness is my only defense against the frustration I’m feeling right now.

Accomplish one task everyday.

Advice to live by, given to Peace Corps Volunteers newly arrived in Benin. I discounted it then because I was in a situation where I could accomplish much much more. Today, with a belly the size of Alaska, achy joints, a lot of soreness, and no possibility of drugs to relieve the discomfort, I’m happy to get one thing done in a day, no matter how small.

Friday, I finished an online class AND applied for my diplomatic passport, AND went grocery shopping. Total walking = about 2.5 miles.

Saturday, I went to brunch AND went to Costco. Total walking = 1.5 miles. I’ve used a pedometer in Costco before, and some days we walk almost a mile inside! Yesterday, only half a mile.

Today, I brunched (again!) AND went to L.L.Bean. I didn’t get the waterproof boots I was hoping to get, as pregnancy swelling apparently has made my already-fat calves too fat for even L.L. Bean Wellies I wanted. I did, however, get some cold-weather baby clothes. I now have no more excuses to freak out about having a baby during an American winter.

I’ve been pretty laissez-faire about food during my pregnancy, focusing more on variety and getting a lot of fruits and vegetables, rather than paying attention to saturated fat and calorie content. Bertrand got some bad news in regards to cholesterol from the doctor the other day, and I’m now in the home stretch, so we’re going to start paying close attention to diet again.

Wings, broccoli, and sweet potato fries

Dinner was baked wings (B’s, pictured, were smothered in BBQ sauce), broiled sweet potato fries, and steamed broccoli sprinkled with delicious cheddar cheese. I probably could have done without following the healthy meal with pumpkin spice ice cream, but hey! pumpkin obsession!aracer

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