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36 weeks on Monday!

Costco pizza <3

Costco frozen pizza is superior to anything we can get delivered here in Crystal City. Yum. As spending time on my feet gets progressively more uncomfortable, we’re getting more and more enthusiastic about dinners that don’t require any effort to make. Like pizza and salad.

Pizza and salad

Last night we went to a good-bye party for some of my colleagues who are heading out to post this week. My burgeoning belly makes for great conversation, especially since I have no patience for glowing happy OMG pregnancy is AWESOME narratives. I’m uncomfortable. My legs hurt. My abs hurt. My groin hurts. And I can’t sleep through the night because I ALWAYS HAVE TO PEE.

On the other hand, I’m creating life, and that’s kind of awesome.
34 weeks

And here’s a bonus photo: Bertrand saw snow for the first time last weekend!

Bertrand in the snowпродвижение

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