Grocery dilemma. Where to shop in NoVa and DC without a car?

Moving to DC without a car has been marvelous. We walk everywhere! Including the closest grocery store, which is a mile away. Oh, Harris Teeter, you are wonderful, but how can you possibly not carry rice vinegar?

When my husband and I lived in Benin, we were broke-ass cheap-asses. We agonized over every dollar spent (except at Happy Hour, strangely enough) and got used to living frugally. Now we live in souless Crystal City, where stores are aimed at a demographic that has an expense account and lives off of per diem.

Harris Teeter is not only a mile away, but sells food at Whole Foods prices, without the whole “it’s organic so it’s OK that it costs an arm and a leg” cachet. Did I mention that it’s a mile away?

Somewhat closer is Costco. Costco is heaven, but you have to buy food in bulk and if you need anything weird, you’re outta luck. No rice vinegar their either. Also no pumpkin pie spice. I can, however, buy a packet of 48 string cheeses and kilos and kilos of strawberries. SCORE!

We can take the metro into The City and brave the crowds at Trader Joes for more reasonable prices, but waiting 45 minutes in a checkout line that wraps around the store is not my idea of a good time.

Today, I went to Clarendon to see what Whole Foods had to offer. I thought the sticker shock when I came back to the States was rough, BUT HEY WHOA. Whole Foods is not worth having to change metro lines in Rosslyn. Sorry lovers of organic food, I just can’t justify the time and expense.

Our last and final attempt at keeping the fridge stocked is PeaPod. Yes, we’ve given in and tried grocery delivery. It’s free for the first two months, and then we’re moving back to my parents’ for my maternity leave anyway.

I know, I know, we’ve turned into souless yuppies. My friends, not having to trek a mile and back four times a week to keep up with my need for fresh produce is well worth it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes tomorrow!сео продвижение сайтов самостоятельно

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