Hi, my name is Theresa, and I am back!

I stopped blogging on my food blog when I found out that I’m pregnant. Six months in, I’m back in the States, enjoying DC as a foodie city, cooking up a storm, and wondering why I ever left!

There are a lot of reasons, actually, mostly having to do with Judgey McJudge Judgers. You know, those people who think they have the right to tell me that I’m going to be a Bad Mother and Irreparably Harm The Fetus if I dare drink coffee, eat soft cheese, or have half a glass of wine. And then there are those folks who tell obese pregnant women not to diet while they’re expecting, but hey, fat lady! You shouldn’t gain too much weight either!

Is calorie counting while I’m pregnant unhealthy? What about walking several miles a day? What about starting a running regimen? What happens when I get tired of following all of the ridiculous rules that society imposes on pregnant women?

Telling myself and the world that the baby will be born fine with or without my help should not be a revolutionary act. My girlfriends should not blink when I order half a glass of wine with dessert, and then tell me hells yeah! That’s awesome! Because I’m courageous enough to brave public opinion. Drinking coffee is not revolutionary. Eating deli meats is not revolutionary. Having sushi is not revolutionary.

I stopped blogging because I didn’t want to expose myself, my husband, and Lucky* to public censure on teh Internets. Now that I’ve spent a few months back home, I’ve realized how impossible it is to avoid judgement.

Haters gonna hate.

So I’m back! Check back tomorrow for granola, granola bars, and delicious coffee creations!

* not it’s real name, but “Lucky” is better than “the fetus” or, God forbid, “Peanut”.сайт

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