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My A-100 suits got my through A-100, although barely. The last few days of class were a bit uncomfortable, and while I could have just put on the belly band, it felt too much like giving into the inevitable.

Guess what?

Giving in to the inevitable feels great! Once I got over the humiliation that was trying to find even moderately stylish plus-sized maternity clothes in the DC-metro area, I discovered the joys and frump of full-panel maternity pants.

Luckily, I’ll be in training until I go on maternity leave. I’m happy to trade a little bit of frumpiness if it means an awful lot of comfort. I have about three more months of training, then six to eight weeks of maternity leave, then a few more weeks of training, and then we’re off to Freetown.

The todo list is long, and growing every day. At least I can run errands in comfort, now.продвижение

1 thought on “PANTS!

  1. I don’t think you looked the least bit frumpy today. :) I am infinitely envious of your built-in excuse to wear comfy pants to class. I am trying desperately to figure out a way to make yoga pants “business casual” so I don’t have to wear jeans or trousers for the next 8 months. You rock those pants, lady!

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