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We’re moving to Sierra Leone!

In February, Bertrand and I will once again pack up all of our bags to move across the world. This time, we’re going to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Dream country. Dream job. Perfect timing. We hadn’t really allowed ourselves to imagine that we’d be sent there, particularly since I speak French, and Sierra Leone is (sort of) an English speaking country.


We’re taking the weekend off to visit my parents, and then the real planning will begin. What should we bring? What do we need to buy? What will the baby need?

Needless to say, we’re thrilled.

Does anyone have some book/ blog/ paper suggestions for me to read while we’re prepping?aracer

2 thoughts on “We’re moving to Sierra Leone!

  1. Congrats on getting a post you wanted, and I’m glad we’ll have plenty of time together at FSI. See you soon for crabs at Cantlers.

    Wasn’t Sierra Leone where Misun’s husband was DCM? He could fill you in. If I can track him down, I also have an old friend from the Dean campaign who would be a good source for you.

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