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One small step for GSO, one huge step for me

My travel orders came in today! These orders are the magic words that officially make it possible for Bertrand and I schedule our move back to the States for training. Up until today, all my promises about being home for the 4th were really just speculation and wishful thinking.

Travel reserved our plane tickets and Shipping submitted my pack-out request, which means that embassy-wise, we’re ready to go. Whoo-hoo! I know that there will be snags and do-overs and OMG I AM GOING TO KILL GSO moments over the next few weeks (there were a few today), but we’re miles closer to moving home than we were at this time yesterday.

My registrar at State continues to be a helpful and responsive hand to cling to when I freak out (bless you!). Everyone else continues to be a bureaucratic nightmare. So thanks to my husband, my boss, my coworkers, my registrar (seriously, bless you!), the 162nd Google Group, and everyone else who’s had to listen to me whine about my unavailable travel tech, Shipping, and my desperation to make sure that I get out of here on time.

THANKS.все о раскрутке сайта

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