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On privilege

Let me be very clear. What goes on in my uterus is none of your motherfucking business. I doesn’t matter whether I abort, whether I don’t abort, whether I’m looking forward to having a baby, whether I’m terrified about having a baby, whether I drink, whether I smoke, whether I eat shellfish, whether I eat deli meats, whether I sit with my legs crossed, whether I take a shot of sodabi, whether I pat my stomach when I laugh, whether I do anything at all.

Because it is my uterus, and not yours. продвижение

1 thought on “On privilege

  1. Amen. I’m from Utah so before I was married all the questions centered around when I was going to “find him” and where I was looking etc etc. Now, when my husband and I go home to visit all the questions revolve around our sex life and my uterus. I don’t dare pack any shirts or dresses that might possibly be seen as maternity clothes (so no empire waist maxi dresses this summer). I wish so much I could say to them exactly what you just wrote.

    Also: I found your blog from the 162nd google group – good luck with your packout and move! See you at A-100 in 3 weeks!

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