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Nope, still not moving home, Mom!

So the May Diplomat School* class was canceled. And then uncanceled. Invitations went out yesterday and today. No, I am not among the lucky. My score is good enough that I wouldn’t normally need to worry about eventually receiving an invitation, but in this age of squabbling over budgets and debt-ceilings, all bets are off. We, the great unwashed hopeful future officers, are all counting on July and September classes.

For those of you who have been cheering Congress on as they cut the State department’s budget, please remember that diplomats are cheaper than soldiers, and diplomacy is cheaper than war. Long term, the American government will save more money and more lives through diplomacy and development than defense.

In any case, I am still in Benin, still working at the embassy, and still enjoying life.

* What I call “Diplomat School” is normally called A-100. But nobody who reads this knows WTF “A-100” means, so I’ll call it WTF I want.раскрутка

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