Lentil loaf

Red lentils

Turns out, cooking split red lentils has nothing in common with cooking regular brown lentils. Or maybe I just buy a lot of stale brown lentils. After soaking the red lentils in water for an hour, I put them on the stove. I think they were done even before the water boiled. So now I’ve got a few cups of lentil mush. It’s delicious mush, but never-the-less, still mush.

Cooked lentil mush

That’s OK.

The lentil loaf turned out fine anyway. I based the loaf on Bella’s recipe. And by “based on,” I mean, “Hmmm, a lentil loaf sounds delicious, but I don’t actually have any of the ingredients she used, so I’ll make it up as I go along.”

That’s OK too.

I used lentil mush instead of lentils, fine brown bulger instead of brown bismati rice, mustard and worchestershire sauce instead of BBQ sauce, eggs instead of egg subsitute, red pepper flakes and oregano instead of cajun seasoning, and I added a cup of shredded zucchini. I did keep the mirepoix, because who doesn’t like a good mirepoix?



The first lentil loaf turned out pretty well. It tasted great, but it only rises to spectacular when paired with more ketchup. Bertrand adores it. Go figure.

Lentil loaf

Since I had leftover lentil mush and bulgar, I decided to make a second loaf! I replaced the celery with a huge handful of chopped parsley, and put as much dijon mustard in as ketchup. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Lentil loaf II

And leftovers for lunch this week. ;)раскрутка сайта

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