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Dude, where’s my food scale?

Morning coffee w/ pumpkin oats

Nothin’ like starting the day right with delicious oatmeal and coffee. It’s usually too dark to get a good picture before I leave for work, but over the weekend? Perfect sunlight falls on Bertrand’s desk around 7:30 each morning.

Yesterday, I wanted to get all of my vegetables prepped for the week, so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat something unhealthy just because there isn’t anything in the fridge. I washed and skinned and chopped and chopped and chopped.

Vegetable goodness

And what’s even better than beautiful fresh vegetables? Beautiful fresh vegetables prepared with eggs, milk, and cheese! Luckily, these tasty mini-quiches are small, so I can eat a few of them without doing any damage. No, the recipe isn’t ready yet. I’m working on getting the proportions for the base perfect, so that I can add whatever protein + cheese + veggie fillers I want.

Mini quiches !

Lunch today was a disaster. ARGH. BOO. Bertrand came to meet me at the embassy cafeteria today, and our chicken salads came out without lettuce. What? No lettuce? Are you KIDDING ME? B scarfed his. I sent mine back LIKE AN IDIOT, and ate some fried rice, fried fish, and deliciously oily spinach sauce. Oops.

I was so mad about that, I made Bertrand stop by the crazy European superstore on the way home to buy a food scale. That’s right. It only took me, what, six months? Nine months?


Messy house + food scale

(Ignore the messy dining room table. We’re working 80 hour weeks AND going out on the weekends. Give us a break here!)

Smoked fish salad

Dinner was my new favorite salad: whatever vegetables I can find in the fridge + smoked fish + olive oil + mustard.

I wouldn’t say that the food scale makes tracking what goes into my pie hole *fun*, but it does make it a helluva lot easier. Now I’m wondering if there are any other stupidly simple things I should be doing to make my life better. Suggestions?aracer.mobi

4 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my food scale?

  1. It’s interesting that you find the scale makes things easier – I find it a huge hassle. Since I am tracking my food now, I need to measure. Last night I made chicken salad and there I was weighing the pieces of chicken before I put them in the bowl. And counting the grapes I added. But, I guess it is a good thing to be that attentive:)

    Your veggies look fabulous!
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted: 98 and ¾ Percent GuaranteedMy Profile

    1. Nooooooooooo, but it was complicated. And only accurate to 20g. And impossible to balance large things on. It was a great scale to get started with! But now that I’m getting a bit more fanatic about weighing, I needed something I can zero-out, with a big flat base.

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