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There is not enough coffee in this world

Today I got up early to write and work. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up 30-minutes earlier to walk and then write. It’ll only give me 30 minutes, but the sunshine is now so hot after work that it’s miserable walking home. Even right now, before dawn, it’s humid and uncomfortable.

Oh, rainy season, you are miserable.

I didn’t actually get up because I wanted to write. I got up because my cat’s developed a strange habit of crying and whining every day at 5:15. She’ll go on until we get up, even if we don’t get up until 6:30. Net effect? Bertrand and I stay in bed, but we don’t actually get any extra sleep.

The experiment? Is the cat lonely? Begging for food? Begging for attention? Just cranky? Turns out, she just wants one of us out of bed. It doesn’t matter who it is. It doesn’t matter whether we pay attention to her or not. She’s decided that it’s time for someone to wake-up and by God, we’d better wake up. Once someone’s up, the noise stops.

Bertrand’s been burning the midnight oil lately, so I figured I’d experiment w/ the cat <em>and</em> let him get a little bit extra sleep this morning.

Am I awesome or what?


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