Getting it off my chest

On going out for drinks. Anywhere. Ever.

I love Happy Hour with expats and Peace Corps Volunteers. But every fucking Saturday, the check is a fucking hassle. Ridiculous!

Dear everyone in the world who will have to share a check with someone sometime during your life (expats, volunteers, and muggles alike),

Here are some rules for going out for drinks or food:

  1. You cannot pay just the price of your meal. You must leave a tip.
  2. If we get communal drinks (pitchers) and you partake, you are obligated to share the cost of the picture evenly. You cannot just pay for what you drank.
  3. Pay attention when we are working out the check. If things come up short, don’t sit back and smugly think, “I paid what I owe.” Pitch in some CFA.
  4. If someone buys food for you, you do not have to pay for it. But you are not exempt from rules 1-3.
  5. If you leave before we ask for the check, leave a bit extra, just in case (See #1 & #2).

Follow these rules or I will hate you. And so will everyone you go out with.



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