Getting it off my chest

Hello champagne and the caviar set

Becoming a Foreign Service Officer (read: American diplomat) is a long and frustrating process. I’ve made it through the most difficult parts, and I’m now officially on the list of future hires. If all goes well in the Congress, I will definitely become an FSO … eventually.

What’s this mean for People Online? Absolutely nothing. I haven’t gotten the call yet. Bertrand is running the company today, and he will continue to do so whether or not I get hired.

What does this mean for Subject Verb Object? I’ll be more proliferate rather than less, as this blog moves away from tech in Africa and life in Benin and towards my travels in other parts of the world.

What does this mean for the next few months? It depends on what the Congress does next. I, along with every other USG employee in the world, am waiting to see how they vote on March 4.

It’s a waiting game, and it’s frustrating, but I’m through the hardest part. And that, my friends, deserves a drink!продвижение

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